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Happy Daze

I am learning more brain training techniques, with the Help of Dr David R Hamilton et al., and it takes some doing, but it is beginning to really seep into my conscious and subconscious mind. Every day I monitor my thoughts, what I say and how I say things to people. I work hard at re-tracking my thoughts, so that my new thoughts will open up unexplored neural pathways. We all get so limited in our thinking, that ways we and methods that we think become deeply entrenched and our minds blinkered. If we open up our minds to change, then anything is possible. It takes some doing, but the rewards are wonderful!

I have been working on my reactions with regard to other people, it’s about what they say and do, how I interact with them and more importantly, I am reassessing how I respond to pain. I know that focussing away from health issues, frees up my mind and body for other more rewarding tasks and pleasures. I am becoming more loving and less fraught. Life should be a pleasure, not a pain and with good love and much happiness in our hearts, then anything really is possible.

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Good days are here…so enjoy them!

Well Spring is definitely here, in Warwickshire. It’s a lot warmer and the sun is less elusive. I had a good day of achievements, yesterday and it started with my getting excellent marks for my first psychology Tutor Marked Assessment (TMA). I achieved 7 of 8 at ‘achieved’ and one, at ‘just achieved’ (the only thing wrong was some of my in-text referencing was a little awry). My flabber was definitely ghasted, as I really didn’t expect to do so well. Now, I mustn’t rest on my laurels, but forge ahead with another goodie next month, which I guess will be slightly trickier. Fingers X’d.

I also spend quite a lot of my time ‘people watching’, as I’m sure many of us, do. I love to listen in on conversations and see peoples’ expressions and gestures. I think it can be great fun and very enlightening! I saw a large group of people, sitting on the benches in Coventry city centre, near the statue of Lady Godiva and they were all watching the world go by. Were they lonely, nosey or just doing it for entertainment? Maybe all three, as I sat on the bus, watching them, in turn. A sunny, glorious day and one I enjoyed immensely.

(By the way, the roses were given to me, by my lovely bf)

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Life is for living!

I have had a life, which I can definitely call my own. It’s been unique and a constant mix of joy, fun, happiness, love, tragedy and deep pain. After some incredible events, which have turned my world inside out and upside-of-the-down, I can safely say that I have come through them all, a better and more rounded person (and as I am overweight by many pounds, that is very true!). I look forward to each day with renewed vigour and intend to get every ounce of juice out of life, as it’s out there for me to claim. Watch me dance, watch me twirl, you’ll never crush this kind of girl! Mind-training? Yes in bucket loads!

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Early April and Spring is a-Springing!

I am now well into my Uni course and I am enjoying it immensely. I always wanted to study psychology and now I am. Gosh I am clever…Ha! Plus I am back painting which is good for me to do and I intend to do more, as the months go by, so watch this space! At the moment it’s a large oil painting of a bluebell wood with lovely white barked silver birch adding structure. I have high hopes for it and know it will look great in its intended space. (This is taking longer than I anticipated..May 21st)

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