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Under Par, But Not Out!

What makes people want to write? For me it is a release of words, the need to put down my thoughts, ideas and set them free. For other people it may be different, for each person a different set of rules and sense of purpose. I watched an episode of ‘Morse’ tonight and marvelled at the writing, whether it was Colin Dexter’s or a script-writers, it still flowed through to a wonderful conclusion. That would be my ultimate dream to write a ‘Thriller’, which could be made into a really good drama. I think being a daughter of a former police officer, has given me an interest in detective crimes and I am curious, however, from a psychological perspective, about the workings of the criminal mind. Meanwhile, I am very happy to be able to assemble a children’s book, with pictures to match! I am working on that and hoping to produce at least one good book, by the end of the year. I have written four children’s books and have enjoyed the process, greatly. This has given me a sense of purpose and a direction, in my life, that would have been sadly lacking, had I not, evaluated what I wanted and indeed needed to do with my writing and life. Sometimes our lives reach a crisis point before we truly face a time when we have to decide where we go from here. I will only have one ‘innings’ and this is it. Please watch this space and see what I can achieve.

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