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Having spent a few days with someone very special and savouring the wonders of the British countryside, I feel very content and happy. In fact if you were to leave me all day in a woodland or by a lake, I would be a very happy bunny, indeed. I love to hear the trees-leaves, a-rustling and the birds a-singing…true bliss. I managed to explore some of Ufton Fields Nature Reserve, in Warwickshire and took plenty of photographs of gorgeous trees and substantial expanses of water. We had a fabulous afternoon and although we did find the heat a little too much, at times, the trees afforded us plenty of shade and there was a pleasant coolness at the poolside. I would recommend this natural reserve, to anyone, but I would advise some insect repellent, as I did suffer from about 30 mosquito bites, which did not appear until 24 hours later and that does not say much for my immune system!

Ufton Fields


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Just Driving Through…………

Yesterday, I travelled through parts of the Peak District and I was bowled over by the absolute beauty of the hills and valleys and the way the earth has been moulded into deep gullies and folds. There were thousands of sheep, cows (and even some free-range chickens), for miles around, precariously feeding on the side of steep hills or on rocky out-crops. The houses and farms looked slightly desolate, probably because of the mottled-grey colour of the stone, which was echoed in the dry-stone walls edging the fields. The sun shone one minute and the next moment we were in thick fog. The roads became giant roller-coasters taking us up high into the mist and then plummeting us down into the sunlit dales. At one point the fields were glowing with a yellow-green haze, which seemed luminous and breath-takingly beautiful. I will have to go back there.

You can't find beauty much greater than this

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British Butterflies – An Online Guide by Steven Cheshire

British Butterflies – An Online Guide by Steven Cheshire.

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Popping Poppies

How can anyone not love these wonderful flowers? They make my heart sing…’Summer is coming!’… My garden has so many Oriental Poppies and they are so big, bold and blousy. They say, ‘Look at ME!’, and you just have to. The bees love them and invariably they get coated in the purple pollen, as the scramble to find their grip, inside the huge flower heads. Everyday more fat buds pop open and my camera is at the ready to take photos of the crepe papery petals and hairy, bulbous buds. Gorgeous!

This time of year, is my favourite, when everything is bright and new. So many flowers out and the trees in full leaf.

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Inspiration comes in many guises, but when you are artistic, it comes from anything! I often look at some object, which is overlooked by many people and manage to see colours, textures in it and they can inspire me. I look up at buildings and see their decorative splendour, while others shuffle past, oblivious. When I take photographs, I look closely at a flower or a piece of stone and try to capture their beauty…much the same with art really. This world is abundant with inspiration…sometimes you have to stop and notice what is around you.

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Time is ticking by and I am here, just enjoying the moment!

Another beautiful day and one I cannot waste. How can I waste a day? I suppose it depends entirely on the various, productive elements that I bring into that time frame; am I going to write, paint, study, do chores or play on Facebook? If I see what I do as ‘productive’, then all is well in my world. If I mess around for two hours playing a game application on a social-networking site, then that IS wasted time. It is easy to get caught up in replying to forum posts and advising someone about where they can find the latest course information. I like the contact, but it can also be demanding and such an ill-use of time, when I could be working on something that is real and worthwhile. Moments are precious and I treasure everyone!…..I am a list maker, by nature, and I love to check off all the items, as I ‘do’ them and feel like I have achieved great things, during the course of 24 hours. If I look back and say ‘S***! I have wasted another day’, then I try to make up for it by writing for an hour or reading for two. Today I have studied and done some of my coursework, taken photographs, I have downloaded study aids from iTunes, I have hung out the washing, made refreshments and I have written this blog post and helped people on-line with their ‘issues’. I am now ready for more study. Have I wasted the day? I think not…….but then compared to your day, mine will have been quite pared down, less frenetic, but in reality, that is all I can handle. Have I wasted my day, what do you think?

PS. My Mum just came in from the garden after falling through the bench!

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