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Another beautiful day and one I cannot waste. How can I waste a day? I suppose it depends entirely on the various, productive elements that I bring into that time frame; am I going to write, paint, study, do chores or play on Facebook? If I see what I do as ‘productive’, then all is well in my world. If I mess around for two hours playing a game application on a social-networking site, then that IS wasted time. It is easy to get caught up in replying to forum posts and advising someone about where they can find the latest course information. I like the contact, but it can also be demanding and such an ill-use of time, when I could be working on something that is real and worthwhile. Moments are precious and I treasure everyone!…..I am a list maker, by nature, and I love to check off all the items, as I ‘do’ them and feel like I have achieved great things, during the course of 24 hours. If I look back and say ‘S***! I have wasted another day’, then I try to make up for it by writing for an hour or reading for two. Today I have studied and done some of my coursework, taken photographs, I have downloaded study aids from iTunes, I have hung out the washing, made refreshments and I have written this blog post and helped people on-line with their ‘issues’. I am now ready for more study. Have I wasted the day? I think not…….but then compared to your day, mine will have been quite pared down, less frenetic, but in reality, that is all I can handle. Have I wasted my day, what do you think?

PS. My Mum just came in from the garden after falling through the bench!


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