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Book out….at LONG last!

Hi and long time no see. I actually missed this blog more than any other, mainly because I like the look and layout. I couldn’t transfer this theme to my ‘real’ website, so decided rather than deleting this one, I would keep it on and post the occasional musing. This, however, hasn’t been as regular as I had hoped, but now life is changing, I think it will be used more often and I will post less on my personal Facebook profile, but not so my FB page which needs regular updates. I also have blogger which is a little bit stilted and jaded, so I may need to upgrade and update that, too.

I have been chipping away at my website, products to sell and the first ‘Jack’ book. I was starting to get a little impatient and then decided to ‘go for it’ and publish. Then as Blurb has been excellent help in putting my new book together, I finally thought that the time was right so pressed that publish button.

I hope people will enjoy my book and enjoy the first of Jack’s adventures. There is a second Jack book which will be out later in the year. I am currently working on another book. My experience using Blurb has been very good.



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