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Book out….at LONG last!

Hi and long time no see. I actually missed this blog more than any other, mainly because I like the look and layout. I couldn’t transfer this theme to my ‘real’ website, so decided rather than deleting this one, I would keep it on and post the occasional musing. This, however, hasn’t been as regular as I had hoped, but now life is changing, I think it will be used more often and I will post less on my personal Facebook profile, but not so my FB page which needs regular updates. I also have blogger which is a little bit stilted and jaded, so I may need to upgrade and update that, too.

I have been chipping away at my website, products to sell and the first ‘Jack’ book. I was starting to get a little impatient and then decided to ‘go for it’ and publish. Then as Blurb has been excellent help in putting my new book together, I finally thought that the time was right so pressed that publish button.

I hope people will enjoy my book and enjoy the first of Jack’s adventures. There is a second Jack book which will be out later in the year. I am currently working on another book. My experience using Blurb has been very good.



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A new post and changes ahead

I have practically abandoned my blogs at WP and Blogger, so today I decided to go ahead with more blogs after I had worked out which direction I wanted to go with them. I have a website blog on: www.woodlandia.org.uk and I will use that for product/site updates; on WP (here), I will discuss everything and anything and finally on Blogger, I will add the odd video and comment. There! It is now sorted and I know where I’m at. I will mostly blog on my shop website but I will endeavour to keep up with regular posts on here.

We all need one of these!

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Check out my new website and blog!

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Writing isn’t easy, but it can be fun!

I’ve been writing a lot today; a grand mixture of poetry and prose. How flowery? Having learned how to write succinctly for science assignments, of late, it is somewhat alien to write in descriptive, heartfelt text. I make lists of chores to tackle and I only want to paint and write. I feel as if it is sinful to contemplate such artistic reveries, when the sink in full of crocks and the dust is rising high.  I will, however, tackle both and think of great lines and wonderful images, as I dust and wash-up and when I come to put pen or paintbrush to paper, I shall enjoy the process, all the more. For now, I shall crack on with the chores and allow myself some time for fun, as creativity, is just that.

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New Website and Blog


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Girl with the Hare

As a tribute to John Layard’s book, ‘The Lady of the Hare: A study in the Healing Power of Dreams’..I have painted this colourful picture in watercolours and it will be available as a print.

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It’s the Natural World, for me!

Having spent a few days with someone very special and savouring the wonders of the British countryside, I feel very content and happy. In fact if you were to leave me all day in a woodland or by a lake, I would be a very happy bunny, indeed. I love to hear the trees-leaves, a-rustling and the birds a-singing…true bliss. I managed to explore some of Ufton Fields Nature Reserve, in Warwickshire and took plenty of photographs of gorgeous trees and substantial expanses of water. We had a fabulous afternoon and although we did find the heat a little too much, at times, the trees afforded us plenty of shade and there was a pleasant coolness at the poolside. I would recommend this natural reserve, to anyone, but I would advise some insect repellent, as I did suffer from about 30 mosquito bites, which did not appear until 24 hours later and that does not say much for my immune system!

Ufton Fields

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Just Driving Through…………

Yesterday, I travelled through parts of the Peak District and I was bowled over by the absolute beauty of the hills and valleys and the way the earth has been moulded into deep gullies and folds. There were thousands of sheep, cows (and even some free-range chickens), for miles around, precariously feeding on the side of steep hills or on rocky out-crops. The houses and farms looked slightly desolate, probably because of the mottled-grey colour of the stone, which was echoed in the dry-stone walls edging the fields. The sun shone one minute and the next moment we were in thick fog. The roads became giant roller-coasters taking us up high into the mist and then plummeting us down into the sunlit dales. At one point the fields were glowing with a yellow-green haze, which seemed luminous and breath-takingly beautiful. I will have to go back there.

You can't find beauty much greater than this

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British Butterflies – An Online Guide by Steven Cheshire

British Butterflies – An Online Guide by Steven Cheshire.

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Popping Poppies

How can anyone not love these wonderful flowers? They make my heart sing…’Summer is coming!’… My garden has so many Oriental Poppies and they are so big, bold and blousy. They say, ‘Look at ME!’, and you just have to. The bees love them and invariably they get coated in the purple pollen, as the scramble to find their grip, inside the huge flower heads. Everyday more fat buds pop open and my camera is at the ready to take photos of the crepe papery petals and hairy, bulbous buds. Gorgeous!

This time of year, is my favourite, when everything is bright and new. So many flowers out and the trees in full leaf.

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