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Well, yesterday I spent most of the day painting and putting together a Woodlandia Page on Face Book. I put my paintings it and all the blurb and it took quite some time to do. I even acquired a fair few followers. Then later in the evening, the said page, had completely disappeared. Yes all trace of the blinking thing. I had hoped it would have re-appeared today, but it’s gone. Now I don’t know what FB is doing, but something very odd is afoot. I am now slowly trying to piece together another page, as to whether or not people will re-join, is another matter entirely. I’m sure there wasn’t a big red delete button, as surely even a numpty, like me, would have seen it!

After The Rain Oil Painting 16 1/2 x 23 1/2 £90.00 plus p&p


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I have messed with technology

Well, yesterday, I spent quite some time on this blog, tweaking and experimenting. Emma, from Meg & Millie, helped me out, when I went off course. Bless her! I find, as many people do, that if I play around with these sort of dashboardy-wotsits, then eventually suss out one or two important facts. This would have taken probably 2 hours compared  to a techie taking 2 seconds. Still I taught myself how to use the PC in a few weeks and of course have been learning ever since. There are many people to ask, but sometimes personal trial and error makes sure you sort of embed it into your grey matter, in a much more satisfactory way………I am hesitating, as I really don’t know what happens next!

Siamese kitten 12″ x 18″ drawing unframed £50.00 plus p&p

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