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Oils, Watercolour and Acrylic

As an artist, I like to paint in various mediums. I have favoured watercolours, for some considerable time, as they were accessible and ‘easier’ for me to use, even from an early age. I liked the softness and feel of them, although didn’t master the fluidity, until some years later. As the years, passed by, I became more interested in acrylics and oils, which offered some variety and fun. The paints were ‘gloopier’ and more malleable. I suddenly lost some of the intrinsic restraint that I had felt with watercolours; I could splodge and move the paint around.

'After The Rain' oil painting on wood panel 16 1/2" x 23 1/2" £90.00

I find, now that painting brings me great joy and freedom and stops any feeling of  negativity from entering the old grey matter. Art Therapy? Oh yes, when I can become totally absorbed by drawing and painting. There is always the thought that I am lucky to be able to do this wonderful pastime. I would encourage anyone to take up their pencils or buy a box of paints and give it a try, you never know, you may just enjoy it too!

Bright Poppies 10 1/2" x 16 1/2" Watercolour £50.00


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Current Work and ‘Doing’ Pain….

Do I work? Well the answer to that is a vague one; I do work, but then very sporadically, the reason being is that my kind of life-style is dictated by my health ‘challenges’, shall we say? I work when my health allows and generally manage to live a fairly pared-down existence, by most peoples’ standards! I am a happy person, not by nature, but by nurture. I have learned to live productively and holistically. At present, I have a number of projects on the go, including studying for an Open University degree in psychology, painting pictures to sell on-line and also working to produce my four story books for children. As my attention is gently scattered over each area of creativity, I know that I do have to have a lot of patience and having that has helped me through many years of living with ME/CFS. I’m not bitter about my current predicament, in fact, although I have extensive nerve damage, my mind is happier than it has ever been. I think it took me years to finally come to realise, that the way I was thinking was effectively ruining my life. I try now to live ‘in the moment’ and enjoy what I have. We all lack things, that we think we need or want, but our basic sense of ‘being’ and the happiness and love, in our lives, are fundamentally the most  important elements. Nothing else really matters. The happier we are then the healthier we are, so bearing that in mind, I am now travelling a path, which in truth, could be the best journey, ever. I am using my mind to bring me into the realms of wellness, not illness and I feel like I am getting there. As for the art, studies and writing, they are the tools to make my travels even more enjoyable and rewarding.

Copyright Trish Campbell

We never stop learning and that is a truth. We never stop growing and that is a fact. We should never stop loving, giving and being happy, seeing the joy and not the sadness and madness. Never give up on life, but really live every day and take heart, that if you fill your life with good and wonderful experiences, then you will have no regrets or future pain.

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