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Having spent a few days with someone very special and savouring the wonders of the British countryside, I feel very content and happy. In fact if you were to leave me all day in a woodland or by a lake, I would be a very happy bunny, indeed. I love to hear the trees-leaves, a-rustling and the birds a-singing…true bliss. I managed to explore some of Ufton Fields Nature Reserve, in Warwickshire and took plenty of photographs of gorgeous trees and substantial expanses of water. We had a fabulous afternoon and although we did find the heat a little too much, at times, the trees afforded us plenty of shade and there was a pleasant coolness at the poolside. I would recommend this natural reserve, to anyone, but I would advise some insect repellent, as I did suffer from about 30 mosquito bites, which did not appear until 24 hours later and that does not say much for my immune system!

Ufton Fields


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